North Dakota

North Dakota – Bakken Shale

Paradigm’s Bakken efforts are focused on creating integrated crude gathering, storage, transportation and rail solutions that provide producers with economic outbound optionality and premium multi-market access.

With more than 45 miles of pipeline in the ground and another 100 miles under construction, Paradigm will be able to aggregate 280,000 BOD combined into our Paradigm Keene Central Delivery Point ("Keene CDP"). Serving as the hub of our system, the Keene CDP will offer producers storage options, refiner markets, and multiple outbound connection options.

Through our Bakken crude storage & transportation infrastructure, and strategic joint venture projects with Phíllips 66 Partners and Grey Wolf Midstream, Paradigm is able to efficiently and economically move producer's crude all the way from the wellhead to markets across the country.


North Dakota Assets

The 91 mile bi-directional Sacagawea Pipeline delivers Bakken crude from areas on the north and south of Lake Sacagawea to takeaway options at the Palermo Rail Terminal (Palermo), North Dakota Pipeline (Stanley), and Dakota Access Pipeline (Johnson’s Corner).

Origination Points: Johnson’s Corner, Keene CDP, New Town

Delivery Points: Palermo Rail Terminal (Palermo), NDPL Pipeline (Stanley) and Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)

Palermo Rail Terminal - 100 MBbl/d Loading Capacity
The 710 acre Palermo Rail Terminal will serve the BNSF line and has initial plans to include 100 MBbl/d loading capacity and 300 MBbl of operational storage.

Rail Facility Detail:

  • 710 Acre footprint with 2.5 miles of rail frontage
  • Initial design for up to 100 MBbl/d
  • Six truck off loading lanes with room for expansion 14 high-speed loading arms, capable of loading a full train in 13 hours
    • Expandable to 28 arms on second loop
  • Three loop track design allows for expansion to 2+ unit trains per day. Provides adequate staging off BNSF Main Line
  • 2 x 103 MBbl tanks, with two additional tanks planned

Keene CDP
The Keene CDP is the Commercial and Operational storage hub of the Paradigm system and provides producers with a refinery market, and multiple outbound connection options.

Keene CDP Detail:

  • 272 acres with additional storage and facility capacity
  • 1.2 MMBbl storage near Johnson’s Corner
  • Connections: Tesoro, Four Bears, Sacagawea, Palermo Rail Terminal, NDPL, DAPL
  • In Service

Charlson Gathering System - 80 MBbl Capacity
Gathers crude from the Charlson Field in northern McKenzie county and moves crude south into Paradigm’s Keene CDP.

Charlson Gathering Detail:

  • 24 miles of 6” and 8” pipeline
  • In Service

Charlson Extension Detail:

  • 20.5 miles
  • 10” diameter
  • 80 MBbl/d capacity
  • In Service