North Dakota

North Dakota – Bakken Shale

Paradigm’s Bakken efforts focus on creating integrated crude and gas gathering, storage, transportation and rail solutions which provide Bakken producers with flow assurance, optionality, and premium multi-market access.

Paradigm’s Charlson Gathering system in McKenzie County, along with Ares EIF Van Hook Holdings and Mountrail Gathering systems in Mountrail County, have more than 160 miles of pipeline in the ground. Over 100 additional miles of crude and gas transport lines link the gathering systems, providing producers access to takeaway options on both sides of Lake Sacagawea. The McKenzie County hub of our system is the Keene Central Delivery Point (”Keene CDP”). The Keene CDP can receive up to 280,000 MBbl/per day through gathering and transport connections and offers producers trucking, storage, and multiple takeaway options, including the bi-directional Sacagawea Pipeline, Sacagawea South Pipeline into DAPL at Johnson’s Corner, Four Bears and Andeavor.

The 94 mile Sacagawea Pipeline is a 16” bi-directional pipeline that links production in McKenzie and Mountrail counties and Van Hook acreage to take-away pipe and rail options on the north and south sides of Lake Sacagawea. The pipeline has a 200 MBbl/d capacity, with origination points at the Keene CDP, Johnson’s Corner, and New Town, and delivery points into DAPL at Johnson’s Corner, Enbridge NDPL at Stanley, Palermo BNSF Rail Facility, and the Keene CDP.

The 24 mile, 16” Blue Buttes Gas Pipeline also runs beneath the Sacagawea River and transports Natural Gas between the Van Hook area, Mountrail and McKenzie counties, providing producers with150+ MMcf/d delivery capacity to gas & NGL processing. The Blue Buttes pipeline runs through some of the most productive areas of the Bakken and can be expanded to accommodate additional connections, and compressor stations to provide increased Gas and NGL takeaway and processing options.

The 710 Acre BNSF Palermo Rail facility is located on the north end of the Sacagawea Pipeline. The rail facility provides 300 MBbl/d storage, with 6 truck offloading lanes and an existing shipping capacity of 100 MBbl/d, and can be expanded to 200 MBbl/d.

Through Paradigm’s vertically integrated crude and gas midstream assets, and through our strategic joint venture projects with Phillips 66 Partners, our crude and gas infrastructure links Bakken producers in McKenzie and Mountrail Counties, and offers producers crude and gas gathering, storage, and transport optionality to processing and crude markets across the country.


North Dakota Asset Overview

Charlson Gathering System (Paradigm Owned & Operated)

Gathers crude from 50,000 acres located in core Nesson Anticline acreage in northern McKenzie county and moves crude south into Paradigm’s Keene CDP. The Charlson Gathering System features:

  • 80 MBbl/d capacity
  • 60 miles of wellhead oil gathering and trunkline pipe in the ground
  •  6”-8” gathering lines gather into 10” trunkline, which deliver crude into Keene CDP

Mountrail Gathering System (Paradigm Owned & Operated)

Located on acreage just north of the Palermo Rail Terminal, the Mountrail Gathering System features:

  •  80,000 MBbls/d crude oil capacity
  • Delivers into Palermo Rail Terminal or Sacagawea Pipeline
  • 24 miles of wellhead oil gathering currently under construction

Van Hook Gathering System (owned by EIF Van Hook Holdings, LLC)

  • Gathers from 20,000 acres on the Van Hook Peninsula
  • Comprised of over 100 miles of pipeline service gathering four streams of crude oil, natural gas, produced and fresh water

Keene Central Delivery Point (Developed under ‘Pipeline JV’ between P66 Partners and Paradigm)

The Keene CDP is the Commercial and Operational crude storage hub for Paradigm in McKenzie County, providing producers with trucking, storage and multiple outbound connections. The Keene CDP includes:

  • 272 acres CDP located 4.5 miles north of Johnson’s Corner on Highway 23
  • 490 MBbl storage existiting (Permitted1.2 MMBbls storage)
  • 6 truck lanes existing (room to expand to 12 lanes)
  • Connections Include: Sacagawea Pipeline (Into Enbridge NDPL, Palermo Rail Terminal, Sacagawea South Pipeline (Into DAPL at Johnson’s Corner), Andeavor, and Four Bears,
  • Operated by Phillips 66 Partners

Sacagawea Pipeline (Developed Under Sacagawea Pipeline Company, LLC under ‘Pipeline JV’ between P66 Partners and Paradigm)

The 16” Sacagawea Pipeline is a 94-mile bi-directional line that transports crude to markets and takeaway options on the north and south of Lake Sacagawea. It is part of the Phillips 66 Partners & Paradigm ‘Pipeline JV’ and features:

  • 16” Bi-Directional Line
  • Initial capacity of 200 MBbl/d
  • Origination Points: Palermo, Johnson’s Corner, Keene CDP, New Town
  • Delivery Points: DAPL (Johnson’s Corner), Palermo Rail Facility (Palermo), Keene CDP, and Enbridge NDPL (Stanley)

Blue Buttes Gas Pipeline (Developed under ‘Pipeline JV’ between P66 Partners and Paradigm)

The Blue Buttes Gas Pipeline consist of 24 miles of 16” pipeline which transports Raw Natural Gas between Mountrail and McKenzie Counties. The pipeline features:

  • 16” pipeline which crosses beneath Lake Sacagawea, transporting Raw Natural Gas from McKenzie, Mountrail and Van Hook acreage
  • Initial capacity of 150 MMcf/d and expandable to accommodate new delivery and origination points
  • 40 MMcf/d Sannish compression capacity, and expandable as required

Palermo Rail Terminal (Developed under ‘Rail JV’ between P66 Partners and Paradigm)

The 710 acre Palermo Rail Terminal serves the BNSF line. It is operated by Phillips 66 Partners and includes:

  • 710 Acre footprint with adequate space to add NGL rail loading and storage, or expand crude loading capacity
  • Existing capacity: 100 MBbl/d, accommodating 1 unit train per day
  • Expandable to 200 MBbl/d
  • Triple loop track design provides for adequate staging and expansion up to 2 unit trains per day
  • Existing storage: 300 MBbl/d (permitted for 2.4 MBbls of storage)
  • 6 truck offload lanes (room to expand to 12 lanes)
  • 14 high-speed loading arms capable of loading unit train in 13 hours, expandable to 28 high-speed loading arms