Safety & Awareness

Pipeline Safety

pipeline safety warningAt Paradigm Midstream we commit ourselves to the highest standards of Health and Safety.

We aim to protect you, the public, and our employees by practicing safe and prudent operations during the construction and maintenance of our pipeline systems.

Pipelines are a non-intrusive and efficient method for transporting materials with minimal to no impact on our roads, waterways and our community, as most are buried underground. It is important to know where pipelines are located and what to do if you detect a leak. Pipeline operators post markers to indicate the general location of buried pipe as well as who to contact with questions or in the event of an emergency.

Pipeline Safety Awareness

Pipeline Safety Awareness is regulated by the US Department of Transportation. For more information, including how to detect a leak and what to do in such a case, click HERE.

  • • 2.5 million man hours worked with 0 recordable injuries.